2010 Massachusetts 9th District Republican Challenger Vernon Harrison

This was the official website for the 2010 Republican Challenger Vernon Harrison, who wasrunning for the  House of Representatives from the Massachusetts 9th District. COntent is from the site's 2010 archived pages.


Vernon Harrison wins decisive victory in bid to challenge Lynch

Sep 15, 2010

Harrison credits grassroots effort in 9th district win

September 15, 2010-Republican candidate Vernon Harrison won the primary election for the U.S. Congress from the ninth district of Massachusetts with a decisive 63% of the vote. He ran on a platform that focused on job creation, the economy, and a Washington that is out of touch with the Massachusetts voter.

"Congress is broken. They're crippling our economy, they're getting in the way of business, and Stephen Lynch has become part of the problem," said Harrison. "Lynch has voted with Nancy Pelosi 97.8% of the time. You can't tell me that represents Massachusetts."

Harrison credits his win to grassroots outreach and to independent and disaffected voters.

A forty-five year resident of the 9th district, Harrison is currently Chief Technologist for a data management firm and resides in Braintree with his wife and three of his five children.

esident of the 9th district, Harrison is currently Chief Technologist for a data management firm and resides in Braintree with his wife and three of his five children.


Introduction: Why I'm Running

My reasons for becoming a candidate are many; I am motivated by my belief that most elected officials do not do the job of representing the citizens of this country. I am extremely disappointed in the way Washington does business specifically around special interests and party lines. Enough is enough already! We have taken enough abuse by too many self serving irresponsible leaders who lack common sense.

I am not the CEO of a fortune 2000 company, not a Harvard Graduate, not a lawyer, and I am not a career politician. I am not and never will be beholden to special interests.

In my life, I have been a small business owner, standup comedian, youth minister, sales guy, technical engineer, and a handy man. Currently I am a Storage Technology Specialist covering the U.S.A. I will always be a devoted friend, a taxpayer, and a father of five. I consider myself honest, hardworking, well informed, and I have devoted my life to serving those around me. Like so many Americans I have known what it’s like to struggle to pay bills and raise a family in difficult times.

The time has come to send someone to Washington from Massachusetts who will show unwavering courage and independence to speak for you. I live my life by putting the interests of those around me before my own, and when elected I will continue to do so by serving my constituents.

I will lead by listening to you. Your voice needs to be heard, if elected I promise that your voice will no longer be ignored. This will be a real change that has been promised by those before me, but never delivered.

Your Candidate,

Vernon Harrison

P.S. Please volunteer for what promises to be an historic grassroots effort that will send the message… “American citizens have a voice and you better start listening.”


Thank you for all of your support. I'm touched by the outpouring of support, and grateful to have been a part of this great democratic process. I thank the many volunteers, donors, and staff for their hours of service to me and the constituents. 

Congratulations Congressman Lynch! I have a new level of respect for what you go through every two years. 

Very truly yours, 

Vernon M. Harrison


Welcome to the Vote for Vernon Website!

Vernon Harrison

I am running for Congress because I believe that most elected officials are failing to represent the interests of the citizens of this country. I can no longer stand by while our country continues to spiral downward in a destructive direction at the hands of leaders who appear to be in Washington to serve only themselves. Enough is enough!

Many of you know what it's like to struggle in difficult times. I certainly do, and each one of us expects to be held accountable for our actions. Accountability is lacking in Washington, and we share the blame for returning incumbents year after year who continue to ignore our voices and bankrupt future generations with today's out of control spending.

The time has come for Massachusetts to send someone to Washington who will show unwavering courage and independence to speak for you. I live my life by putting the interests of those around me before my own, and when elected I will continue to do so by serving my constituents. I am not a career politician. I am not, and never will be, beholden to special interests.

Your voice needs to be heard, and I promise to lead by listening to you. Please join me in a grassroots effort that will send the message, "American citizens have a voice and you better start listening!"

Your Candidate, Vernon Harrison


Vernon M. Harrison
318 Plain Street Braintree, MA 02184-7226
781-333-VOTE · 781-333-8683


A native of southeastern Massachusetts, Vernon McKinley Harrison was raised by a single mother of four children. Early on, he learned the importance of faith, hard work and personal responsibility. To help support his family, he started his first job at age 14 while studying electronics at Blue Hills Regional Technical Vocational High School in Canton. He continued working through graduation from Brockton High School in 1974.

Vernon started his own electronic service business at the age of 24, which he ran for 15 years. He then moved into the computer industry, and is currently chief technologist for his firm. On the side, he performs as a stand-up comedian.

Vernon learned the difficulties of raising two children as a single parent until he married his wife, Michelle. They currently have four boys and a girl.

Vernon has strong faith in America and its ideals of personal responsibility, hard work, limited government, and the freedom to pursue our goals and dreams.


The Role of Government

The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 — 235 years to get it right, but they have not.

Social Security was established in 1935 — 75 years to get it right, but it is broken.

Fannie Mae was established in 1938 — 72 years to get it right, but it is broken.

Freddie Mac was established in 1970 — 40 years to get it right, but it is broken.

Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 — 45 years to get it right, but they are broken.

The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. They had 33 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.


Health Care

The real problem is not health care, it is the cost of health care. The United States is the world leader in the development of medical care and technology, yet many Americans cannot afford health insurance. Too many Americans fear the cost of serious illness and its impact on our families, and even those who have health insurance find its coverage insufficient when needed most.

Pharmaceutical companies are certainly responsible for wonder drugs and treatments, but they work hand-in-hand with HMOs and the FDA to prevent treatments that would provide affordable, less instrusive options because it would hurt their profits. They regularly attack natural treatments, ambulatory surgery centers, and many other proven ways to provide more affordable care.

There is a disconnect between patients and the actual cost of health care. Since most of those with health insurance never actually write the checks or handle the funds used for the services received, they fail to exercise the same awareness, judgment and control they have in other financial decisions they make. The cost of heath care would be significantly less if everybody had an understanding of how much these services actually cost and where the funds were going. Like non-health related services for which we are charged directly, we would begin to question and negotiate.

We need to change our health care system, but turning it over to the federal government only assures that the problems will persist. Reducing the cost of health care must be our first priority. Here are some ways that I would go about doing so:

  • Free market competition for insurance coverage. Remove the regulatory barriers that prevent health care coverage from being open to all. Our current Congressional representatives bend to the insurance lobbyists to keep the regulated profits status quo.
  • Tax breaks for all individuals and families who assume the responsibility and payment of their own coverage. Collectively we will all do a better job shopping and spending than the federal government.
  • Tax breaks for those who live life styles that reduce the need for health care coverage.Preventative care is almost always less expensive and effective than treating health care problems after the fact.
  • Tort reform will reduce the cost of health care at many levels. Our current Congressional representatives have been protecting trial lawyers' interests, not ours. Why not nationalize medical malpractice insurance first? Why not make individuals behavior patterns applicable to level of liability?
  • More affordable healthcare education at all levels. Supply and demand principles prove that if we increase the number of medical professionals, competition will drive down costs.
  • For the economically disadvantaged, require that a percentage at every level and segment be devoted to their care and coverage.
    • All insurers set aside a percentage of premiums to fund premiums for those who need assistance.
    • Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinics and all paid medical services set aside a tiny percentage of gross receipts to avoid manipulation of the representation of those funds for those who need assistance.
    • Tax breaks and liability coverage for individuals who provide care and or coverage for those who need assistance.

Let's give health care back to those who are in the best position to manage it: the people. Unlike our current politicians in Washington, I believe you are the smartest and best equipped to do so. I trust and believe in you because you are the reason this country is great.