Exploring Permanent Makeup

Have you been considering getting permanent makeup or getting your permanent makeup removed? If so, then Get Permanent Makeup Removal Services in Tampa to make sure that you can refresh your face safely and effectively.


Get Permanent Makeup Removal Services in Tampapermanent makeup

First, let’s discuss why so many people have chosen permanent makeup instead of going through a daily routine to look and feel confident.

Saves Time

Putting on your makeup and taking it off every night is a hassle. This is especially true for individuals that wear makeup almost every day, making one solution to this daily struggle permanent makeup. You won’t have to get home from a fun night and wash your face clean of chemicals and other materials that could damage your skin over time.

Avoid Allergies to Makeup

Makeup can cause all sorts of allergic reactions in others. This is due to their highly varied chemical formulas and the fact that they’re not customized for individuals. If you’re tired of getting itchy rashes and other negative side effects when trying to find makeup that doesn’t irritate your skin, permanent makeup may help. You can skip entire steps in your makeup routine, making it easier to avoid irritation.

Subtle Enhancement

Sometimes, a little enhancement without surgery goes a long way. Your tattoo artist could make subtle changes to your face in order to enhance certain areas. For example, for those looking to make their lips looks plump, some creative handiwork can give you the volume increase you want without injections or fillers.


There are some good things about permanent makeup, but everything has its flaws and setbacks. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it may not be such a good idea to get the needle taken to your facial area.

Chance of Infection

When getting a tattoo in such a delicate place, like the face, there is always a chance of infection occurring. This is especially true when getting permanent makeup applied near sensitive areas like the eyes and lips. Your doctor must be highly skilled and qualified, as one wrong move could mean some serious harm.

Allergic Reaction Risk

There’s a risk of allergic reaction when using makeup, but there is also a risk when getting permanent makeup applied. Permanent makeup may be applied with ink that your body rejects, causing some nasty side effects and discomfort. Granulomas can also form if the body perceives the ink as a foreign invader and tries to eliminate it from the body.


If you notice that you scar easily, permanent makeup may not be right for you. Keloids, or heavy scars, are likely to form and can do more harm than good when it comes to your appearance. You likely won’t be able to remove scars formed, and if you can have them removed it may mean even more discomfort and pain.

Getting anything permanently done to your skin is a big decision, and there are many factors that go into whether or not you should get permanent makeup. Speak with your doctor about the risks as well as how it can help you achieve the look you have always wanted.