Implants Uprooted The Need For Dentures

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Dentures are still being applied for those that need them, but tongue in cheek, they are the granddaddies of what has come to replace them. Instead of being fitted for dentures, people can now have dental implants hawthorne ca procedures carried out. But the full dental diagnosis still needs to determine whether or not this will be feasible for the patient. A thorough examination of existing oral and dental structures is required, first and foremost.

Needless to say, if dental structures have not reached such a state of decay, they can still be fixed with fillings. These fillings are not seen and are mainly used to fill emerging cavities. Leaving such cavities open exposes both teeth and gums to decay and disease. The state of decay that requires implants means some teeth would have to be extracted. An implant will of course be done for a single tooth as well.

But if it is so bad, really bad, that all teeth have to go, dentures may be the best fit. And in more ways than one these days. Just goes to show how far dental technologies have come. The toss up is between wearing dentures or implants then, but still at the qualified behest of the dental practitioner. Do as he says because he knows best. People may have preferred implants over dentures in the past mainly for reasons of cosmetics and comfort.

But new dentures being made up are as realistic as the original teeth it came to replace. Well, at least in the pristine condition it was once in before the rot and decay set in. Also, dentures can snug in comfortably. Hygienically approved glue can now be used to keep dentures where they need to be. But before the lights go out, don’t forget to brush and floss.