When Last Did You Have Medical Eye Exam?

In this important question, emphasis has been placed on ‘exam’ and ‘medical’. Many readers, with or without the perceived need to wear glasses, tend only to have their eyes ‘tested’ whenever their drivers’ licenses are up for renewal. In many parts of the world, this confirmation that the driver is fit and able to drive a motor vehicle is a matter of law. Before the license is granted or renewed, a stamp of approval must first be given.

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But even so, this does not go far enough. It is too easy to walk in to the traffic department’s testing rooms or that of a retail optometrist. If the eyes show wear and tear, or deterioration, the customer, not patient, is prescribed a first or new pair of eye glasses. In order to ensure that eye health becomes optimal and no further (serious) deterioration occurs, it would surely be far better for the reader to become a patient and have a medical eye clinic arlington wa exam done.

Let a qualified medical practitioner, a specialist in eye health and care, make that final determination on your eyes’ health status and should eye glasses or spectacles be required, then the ‘prescription’ can be formalized medically and thus be given its true meaning, as in the case where only medical practitioners, as in your certified MDs, are authorized to provide patients with prescriptions for drugs.

It is still feasible to rely on the clinical optometrist, but let’s see his or her credentials beforehand just to be certain. Particularly when you are driving, would it not be better to always err on the safe side, in more ways than one? And would you not like to enjoy that peace of mind in knowing and experiencing that you can always ‘see clearly now’?