Where did we get the Zodiac Signs?

Lots of people (this author included) check their horoscope every day to see what the universe is telling us to do. Putting some faith in the movement of the earth, magic, palm readings, and other items can’t hurt. Our ancestors did it during their time, looking up at the stars to find directions, predictions about the weather, and even using the stars as a calendar.

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Astrology was what people turned too, specifically the rich when they wanted to know the future. Animals would be sacrificed to the gods and then their entrails would be examined and interpreted by a seer or otherwise person. Then decisions were made depending on what the entrails said, such as when to go to war or how to make a decision.

The zodiac signs were first thought up by the Egyptians and later absorbed by the Greeks when they conquered Egypt. They thought of a long line being drawn out of Earth, and when the planet orbited around the sun, the line would point to and connect with different stars. Those signs are the signs of the zodiac and depending on the month and collection of stars you were born under, that influences your personality and traits, and allows you to feel energy differently.

There’s not a lot of science behind it, but people trust in the stars and what they say about the world.  Sometimes that’s enough because if people go to some spiritual readings dallas tx and learn that a new job could open for them, they are often more receptive to the opportunities the world gives them. Then, when a new job or promotion occurs, they are able to seize it and use the horoscope as motivation. And if the zodiac gets more people taking risks, then it has some benefits, right?